Nuclear Fusion Won’t Save the Climate But It Might Blow Up the World


the United States’ first full-scale hydrogen bomb was, in fact, afissionexplosion thatinitiated afusionreaction.

since first tried out in that monstrous Marshall Islands explosion, fusion has been intended as a tool of war. And sadly, so it remains,

Buried deep in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s website, the government comes clean about what these fusion experiments at the$3.5 billionNational Ignition Facility (NIF) arereally all about.

above – Edward Teller – inventor of the thermonuclear fusion bomb – (a man consumed by his fear and hatred of Russia)

they require 100 timesmoreenergy to charge than the energy they ended up producing.

Resilience, ByJoshua Frank, originally published byTomDispatch 23 Jan 23

.”…………………. theNew York Timesand CNN alerted me that morning, at stake was a new technology that could potentially solve the worst dilemma humanity faces: climate change and the desperate overheating of…

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