Russia Frigate Based ‘ZIRCON’ Hypersonic Nuclear? Missiles Are Off The East Coast of the U.S. – YouTube

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the US put nuclear missiles in Turkey and other nations, Russia responded by placing nuclear missiles in Cuba. This almost started WWIII, using nuclear missiles. Through negotiations held in secret, the US agreed to remove the nuclear missiles in Europe, and Russia agreed to remove it’s nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Today, these Russian hypersonic nuclear? missiles that can change direction and travel at Mach 9 are capable of hitting any target on the East Coast in a very short time, allowing no time for politicians or military leaders to get into their bunkers. This frigate is located about 100 miles off the East Coast. At 6,000 mph, it would only take a matter of 60 seconds to reach a target and cause a nuclear explosion. Basically, no one could escape that if given no warning. 1 minute is not enough time to do anything other than say a prayer.

It is so strange that no negotiations are going on to defuse this crisis, which can escalate within seconds into a full blown global nuclear war. Biden keeps escalating and Zelensky does too, even going so far as to fly missiles into a Russian Air force base that has nuclear bombs located there. It seems like those involved in escalating things in Ukraine have a death wish, the quicker the better.

Mach 9 = 6,669.8729 Miles per Hour

(1) It’s a Caribbean Crisis 2.0┃’ZIRCON’ Hypersonic Missiles were Put on Alert off the Coast of the U.S. – YouTube