MIT Scientist Stephanie Seneff on the Relationship Between mRNA Vaccines & Negative Side Effect; Prion Disease

Let’s take the worst part of the virus, the spike protein, where they disable the immune system, plus feed the parts of the body that create deadly prions, plus make the immune cells infected with the spike proteins, plus force the entire body and all cells to produce more spike proteins, for a long time, and then inject that into billions of people (with zero informed consent).

VERY ROUGH PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: We predicted it would take years or decades (to cause prion disease), and not connect it to the vaccine. But I think it is happening much faster, CJD, Alzheimers, Dementia, and more.. There are 16 CJD cases that have been documented after the 2nd vaccine, that happened within a month.

There are cases where people died of brain related problems within a month of getting the vaccine.