Archangel Gabriel; Trusting, Receiving And Giving

It is common for enlightening human beings to have trouble receiving. Many of you have service contracts and naturally feel much more comfortable giving than receiving. Some of you have been taught that receiving takes away from another. Some of you have been conditioned not to expect help because you have come from backgrounds where your needs were not met and that feels normal to you. Others of you may have been told that getting help comes with strings attached or will make people not want to be around you

If you truly have a reluctance to receive because you are afraid of owing another, have the intention to receive from Source and trust the wisdom of the universe and the pathways it uses to deliver to you. That will shift you into being a willing participant of divine orchestration and a system that is designed to support everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Monday January 30, 2023 – Trinity Esoterics