Douglas Macgregor – Prediction Of Russian Major Offensive In Ukraine – YouTube

US destroyed EVERYTHING in Japan and Germany (including firebombing/nuking civilian cities, but Russians cannot kill any civilians at all, without being branded war criminals?)

AGR: Why is the US not a war criminal for bombing civilians globally and violating national sovereignty of many nations every day, right up today today?

Ukraine is ‘winning’ but is steadily losing many hundreds of soldiers daily, and losing towns, villages and cities all across the front, now that the Russians have newly mobilized 300,000 troops.

The US military lost Vietnam in part because Soviet China was sending troops into North Vietnam. The US lost against Communist China in Vietnam (but did not learn any lessons)

In the Eastern and Southern parts of Ukraine most of the population is Russian speaking and has favorable views of Russia. (

AGR; Zelensky wants to ‘purge’ any and all Russian speaking Ukrainians out of Ukraine.. This is called ethnic cleansing and will mean genocide. Is the world ok with this?

Russia can fire 60,000 projectiles per day, while Ukraine can only fire about 6,000 per day.

The US stockpiled huge quantities of artillery shells in Israel, which are now being sent to Ukraine.

The Russian offensive has been minimalist up to this point.

If and when Russia really let’s loose, it will be devastating in it’s impact and Ukraine has been greatly weakened.

War always breeds hatred, and the longer it lasts, the more hatred takes root and the worse it gets. Nothing good will come of this, and the sooner it ends, the better. You always want terms that the opponent can live with.

At the end of WWI, very draconian terms against Germany bred wide spread public hatred and bitterness which then led to Hitler getting ‘revenge’ and starting WWII.

Where are the humanitarians today, who actually care about humanity, quality of life and peaceful coexistence between nations?

If and when you see Russian targeting changes and jamming of US satellites, then you will see a major Russian offensive.

(1) Douglas Macgregor – 300,000 Combat Troops – YouTube