U.S. Not Prepared to take on Russia / Col Doug Macgregor – YouTube


If the US fights Russia directly with US soldiers in Ukraine, what does a ‘win’ look like?

The US is not competing with Russia over territory directly, so the US has no ‘dog’ in this fight.

The US could stop today. (Got Vietnam, got Afghanistan?)

In the donor conference, it was stated that NATO has only a very short time to work things out. Ukraine is losing. The resistance is crumbling and the state is at risk of going out of existence. Perhaps we can rescue them from this, but only with much more help.

Before this conflict started, there were 35 million people living in Ukraine.

2 million Ukrainians were working outside of the country before the war started.

4 million are living under Russian control in the south at present.

10 million have fled the country since the war started. 1 million went to Russia.

150K dead on the battlefield, 35K missing, 450K injured, most permanently out of the fight.

One expert said 257K died so far.

There are only about 17-18 million people left in Ukraine, which is same number of people living in the Netherlands.

There is no way to sustain this war with that small a number of people, against Russia, which gained 5 million people during this conflict.

Ukraine is being crushed and we can watch this in the next couple weeks, via methodical Russian meat grinders, annihilating everything ahead of them.

Ukraine has the lowest birth rate in Europe. Ukraine is destroyed.

Jack Devine claims Ukraine can ‘win’. He says Russia is weakened.

Putin is actually stronger than ever and Russians are more united than ever.

In 1945, Germans were asking and demanding a ‘victory’, so the controlled mass media was still predicting a victory and a win against both Russia and the US. The Germans who believed the mass media were shocked and surprised when US and Russian troops showed up in Berlin and the war was lost.

Russia is in a very strong and healthy position. The US is in the opposite position.

If Russia were to be weakened or destroyed in some form or fashion, malicious actors could intervene, like Korea, Japan, and/or China.

Russia helps stabilize central Asia.

The one war that made no sense was the war between Germany and Russia.

Today, Germany is now sending tanks to a gangster regime, with a military structure that is corrupt. It makes no sense, and Ukraine will be destroyed completely.

What we are seeing is the beginning of the end of NATO.

The US has 100,000 troops, and about 50K troops that can actually shoot someone. There is no way to fight Russia with this. Poles cannot make the difference.

The Russians are expanding their military massively on huge scale, with 700000 new troops around Ukraine.

The US may realize that they and Ukraine are losing and respond irrationally, with “We have to do something” When you hear that, leave the room.

Schulz is enamored with the US and believes that whatever the US wants is good, and should be done. He is out of touch with reality. He lost his defense minister a few weeks ago.

The Polish army could invade Germany and take it over in a week.

We promised 31 M1 tanks to Ukraine, which need to be built from scratch. We will not allow the most advanced, newest high technology tanks to fall into the hands of Russians. They have lost 7,000 military vehicles. We will apply 1970’s armor to the donated tanks, so we do not lose security secrets to the Russians.

I think the US is getting ready for an apology in advance.. We did what we could, but it did not work.. Sorry.

(1) U.S. Not Prepared to take on Russia / Col Doug Macgregor – YouTube