2023.02.01 Is The West Now Impotent In The Ukraine Conflict? YouTube

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/8kmDj9YiCVc

The Rand Report says that the best long term position for the US is to avoid a long war and negotiate a settlement or peace agreement. So far, NATO and US has avoided all negotiation, and leaders like Biden keep on declaring that Russia must be weakened, beheaded and/or dismantled.

Angela Merkel admitted and BRAGGED that the Minsk II agreements were only entered into to buy time for the Kiev regime to build up it’s army in order to fight and win against Russia. In other words, NATO is deceptive, lying and agreement incapable. Why should Russia bother negotiating ANYTHING, EVER?

Blinken is holding to the NATO line that we all need to keep sending weapons and Ukraine will ‘win’.

Ukraine started with 2,000 tanks which are mostly gone, which is why they are begging for more.

All of NATO cannot come up with 100,000 soldiers, compared to Russia which just mobilized 650,000 soldiers

NATO is begging for shells from crazy places like Korea and Israel.

Russia destroyed 70 howitzers last week, and France has 70 howitzers in total, per NATO.

On the one hand Rand says negotiate, and figure out a DMZ, which is also representing CIA and Pentagon.

On the other hand, the State Dept is crazy pro war, no matter what.. just send more weapons and Ukraine will ‘win’. Got schizophrenia?

Russians now understand that the Western world hates them and wants to destroy them completely. The Russians as a people on a collective level now understand that this is an existential level threat, and they HAVE to win, no matter what it costs.

The goal now is to take over the ENTIRE nation of Ukraine, due to not trusting NATO, EU or the US, for the above and other reasons.

Ukraine only has about 22 million people left, out of an original 35 million.

The West cannot (refuses to) negotiate, and it cannot supply enough to win in either equipment nor in manpower.

(2) 2023.02.01 The West Is Now Impotent In The Ukraine Conflict – YouTube

AGR: The Rand report also says that this conflict is driving Russia and China as well as other nations together in response. Countries are seeing that the US can just arbitrarily steal all of their money, seize bank accounts, steal their assets, and sanction any country that disagrees down into literal starvation, which is a war crime for anyone except the US empire.

This hyper aggression by the US and NATO, plus refusal to come to a reasonable agreement like Minsk II, is driving an alternative to the US empire dominated system Petrodollar, Swift banking system, and US based alliances. Bottom line, this is either going to result in a totally dominant US empire taking over Russia and China, or it is going to result in the breaking up of the US empire and it’s potential collapse, because it has over extended itself.