The Miracle of the Ineffective Vaccines

Fortunately, many of us could see that the vaccines didn’t stop infections or transmission in 2021. The authorities knew it too. It was clear as day in the UKHSA data which showed that the rate of infections per 100,000 individuals was much higher in the vaccinated. The worse those stats became, the more they tried to hide it until they were removed for good.

Even with that information and the appearance of Omicron, segregating the unvaccinated was top of the agenda. The infrastructure had been created and the power-hungry who were taking advantage of the situation, were keen to use it. Restrictions, mandates and passports were all part of the new tools the authoritarians had at their disposal.

Even in 2022, 50 countries had mandates in place and over 100 countries had restrictions to access public services, facilities or schools. This map (from the University of Oxford) shows the countries (in blue) around the world that had some kind of restrictions on the unvaccinated in place.

However, the battle may be won (for most) but the war is most definitely not over. The powers that be are still fighting to bring vaccine passports or digital IDs into place. They have invested heavily in the infrastructure and it is all ready to go. New ICD codes are in place to distinguish between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, including the reasons for not being vaccinated.

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