Tehran Angry Due To Bombings Of Military And Fuel Infrastructure – YouTube


Ukraine admitted it attacked a Russian airbase that has nuclear weapons, via drones, and/or longer range missiles. The US admitted it was behind the assassination of a military general in Iran. Many nuclear scientists have been assassinated in Iran, probably by Israel.

Now Iran has been attacked via drones or missiles from what Iran claims was Ukraine or Israel. At what point does this constitute a direct attack, worthy of a declaration of war against the nation doing this?

Iran has large missiles capable of hitting Ukraine or Israel, and is now threatening to use them, and/or ally closer to Russia. Every bombing attack has a blowback response and bombing Iranian military facilities and oil facilities, is no exception to this rule.

It now seems ‘normal’ for one nation to attack another and destroy infrastructure and kill large numbers of people without that nation declaring war on the perpetrator.

Remember the Saudis financing the jets hitting multiple US skyscrapers and killing thousands of people (just like Pearl Harbor attack), but then somehow the Saudis are still best friends of the US, while Iraq and Afghanistan were blamed for this attack and invaded?

Something Horrible is Expected┃IRAN got Mad & Prepared for a Harsh Response┃Kyiv made Tehran Angry – YouTube

Hatred, constant escalation and revenge only makes the whole world blind, and leads to global nuclear war.