‘Zero COVID’: The Cringest Fringe Sect of the Branch COVIDians

“Zero COVID” references a movement that earnestly advances the absurd proposition that, as if by magic, if we had just locked down harder, for longer, COVID would have gone away.

The problem, according to Zero COVID doctrine, isn’t the massive economic and social damage wrought by years of forced masking, business closures and vaxx mandates, and all the wrecked mental health, collapsed supply lines, and tribalistic social division that resulted.

Those are all the acceptable costs of Zero COVID. The problem with lockdowns, according to Zero COVID dogma, is that they weren’t stricter and more vigorously enforced – that more people weren’t locked in their homes, accompanied by only social deprivation and alcohol; that more churches weren’t forced to close; that more children’s psychological developments weren’t harmed.

Zero COVID people regularly Tweet about the “eugenics” state directed by the federal government, which is committing a literal genocide by allowing COVID to spread through the population (like viruses do).

‘Zero COVID’: The Cringest Fringe Sect of the Branch COVIDians | The Daily Bell

Until recently, China pursued Zero Covid more than any other nation on the planet, but other nations were not far behind..