2023.02.08 The US And Canada Have ‘Legalized’ Domestic And International Theft Of All Money And Assets – YouTube


The US government can legally seize any asset and then keep it for themselves, without any recourse. Domestically it is called civil asset forfeiture. Now it is happening on an international level.

Many countries buy Treasury Bonds as a way of ‘hiding’ wealth in the US for all kinds of reasons, because the US used to be seen as a ‘safe haven’. But now that the US can and is stealing all assets of ‘foreigners’, that removes trust that the US used to have. Trust has been lost by many if not all foreign nations in this ‘safe haven’ of US assets, money and Treasury Bonds.

Individuals, companies and countries are losing TRUST in the US, due to the US behaving like a criminal mafia organization, rather than a country controlled by rules, law and order. Watch the capital outflows in the next 12 to 24 months, which will be driven by Merrick Garland seizing all Russian assets/money.

Many countries are turning away from the US financially, due to the US stealing their assets and money. The US has frozen Russian assets and money, and is now giving it all to Ukraine, without any legal due process. No judge, no jury, no court is involved, as it is all political and evil.

The world is watching and noticing. Nations and individuals are watching this happen and are taking action, by moving their money, investments and assets out of the US to avoid this potential future action that may target them, because it is grossly unfair.

If my government falls on the naughty list of the US, then everything I have is at risk and everything I own may be stolen and have it given to some corrupt third party, with absolutely no recourse.

Canada announced that it was freezing and taking all money in bank accounts of protestors last year, and then did it, without any judicial review, by labeling any and all protestors as ‘terrorists’. This is a legal catastrophe, as anyone disagreeing with the government can now have all of their money and/or assets seized, without any due process.

2023.02.08 The US Has Legalized Theft – YouTube

nomda ploom
In the 80s and 90s I used to trade directly with governments around the world, buying and selling particular commodities. Every single transaction handled by the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact countries and The People’s Republic of China that I was involved in went absolutely smoothly and honorably. The one entity I would never do business with was the US government and their agencies because they enjoyed a global reputation for being dishonorable, mendacious and unscrupulous. The only thing that has changed is the US has become even more creative at lying and thieving from others.