COVID-1984: ‘Lest We Forget…’, They Want You To Forget Lockdowns, Vaccine Coercion & Covid Hysteria! – By Patrick Henningsen


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  • “…They said it was all for a noble cause – embodied in great Schwabian mantras born from the loins of Davos: The New Normal, Build Back Better, and The Great Reset. In hindsight, this may have been the biggest psychological operation (psyops) ever – designed to re-engineer society and the human race to advance a series of planned future outcomes. Literally everything was cancelled. Even democracy”

Lest We Forget… They Want You to ForgetLockdowns, Vaccine Coercion & Covid Hysteria!

By Patrick Henningsen

It’s hard to know where to start. So much has been done. So many have suffered. Not because of a virus but due to hasty, reckless, and irrational decisions made by elected leaders and their bevy of experts.

For much of 2022, the world received some respite from the madness we came to know as the “New Normal.”

This nightmare started in January 2020 as…

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