Germany Prepares for Conscription and the Final War

In the current context, the “conflict between mutually hostile groups” will result in the termination of life on the planet.

It is an arrogant and psychopathic disregard for the lives of ordinary people that is in part driving the world toward a final thermonuclear conflict.

It is unfortunate far too many Americans are incapable of realizing they are nothing more than pawns in a geopolitical suicide pact. History demonstrates, over and over, this realization usually arrives when it is far too late.

Germany Prepares for Conscription and the Final War

Native Americans had a method for solving conflicts between individuals. If they could not discuss and reach an agreement, then they would be seated on the ground with backs touching each other and not be allowed to get up for any reason, until they had reaching an agreement.

This method allowed the people around them to not be involved in the disagreement and be killed for whatever political or personal revenge motivations that individuals have.

The US used to have a very popular method for solving problems via a duel, using pistols, including for political leaders. Both individuals got a pistol with one bullet. The stood with their backs touching and then walked a certain number of paces away from each other, turned, and fired at each other. The person who won was the person who lived to tell the story of the duel.

Which way of solving problems is better? Maybe there is a reason why the dueling method is no longer in vogue.

Maybe we could get these leaders to sit with their backs to each other and not allow them to get up until they solve their problems without the use of force, intimidation, violence, death, or threats.