Health Experts Warn Against Holtec’s Plan to Release Indian Point Radioactive Wastewater Into Hudson River

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Holtec International – the Florida-based company charged with decommissioning the former Indian Point Energy Center – is proposing to release one million gallons of wastewater into the Hudson River, where seven Hudson Valley municipalities source their drinking water and others rely on as a backup source…

Comment: Contrary to what the article, below, says, tritium can be filtered out, it’s just cheaper and easier to dilute and dump. It’s also not just tritium that will be dumped, either:

From Common Dreams:
Health Experts Warn Against Releasing Indian Point Radioactive Wastewater Into Hudson River, by JULIA CONLEY Jan 27, 2023, Common Dreams
Doctors know that there is no such thing as a safe dose of radiation, and that harmful impacts are cumulative,” said the president of Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Two years after the closing of Indian Point Energy Center, a nuclear power plant…

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