Russia doesn’t play doubling down on stupid like the US did in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq – YouTube×3-hMfjBsE

Due to stupidity of recent US actions, Russia and allies have become stronger, while NATO and it’s members are now weaker.

US is now sending them weapons that can attack Crimea long range and we expect them to do this, according to the US General.

There is no such thing as a ‘magic’ weapon.

Russia is not just going to protect their own territory but they are going to make sure Ukraine cannot fire anything at Russian territory, which means that Russia is going to go after anything that threatens Russian territories, including Crimea. Sending longer range weapons means Russia will target further back into Ukraine to eliminate these threats.

Zelensky said that if he does not have Abrams tanks by August, the war is over and lost. The US military and NATO know this as well. Zelensky wants 1,500 tanks, not 15.

NATO is sending tanks and weapons, but they know the war is over, so it is just political cover. In other words, we ‘tried’.

Ukraine has thrown 14 to 16 brigades into Backmut, and they cannot afford to admit defeat. Politically they cannot lose it. They are doubling down on stupid.

Ukraine has lost 300,000 troops up to know.

Russia doesn’t play – YouTube

Max Kazzora Great update gentlemen as ever, whenever Scott Ritter joins you. More people worldwide ought to be listening to this video. Reverse psychology: sanctions, seizing oligarchs assets, ensuring that mass production 24/7 is ensuring Russia has all the necessary resources to conduct this unnecessary conflict and has ensured Russia is a better, stronger, and more self reliant nation currently. Well done collective west!! Great job. These people couldn’t organize ‘a piss up in a brewery’.