Here are eight reasons why the US has no interest in pushing for peace in Ukraine


Washington’s priority is to contain Russia and how the fighting ends for Kiev is a sideshow to the main objective

ByAndrey Sushentsov, Valdai Club program director, 10 Feb 23,

It now appears that the US is not even remotely interested in supporting a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian conflict, preferring to see the military campaign continue. Overall, strategic planning in Washington gives little thought to the parameters for ending the crisis: Whether Ukraine will remain within its current borders, lose its territories or disappear altogether.

Despite mounting casualties and the destruction of Ukraine’s military, appetite for military action has not diminished, neither in Kiev nor in Washington. Many international experts rightly identify the US as the key player in a large coalition advocating for continued hostilities in Ukraine. In less than a year of crisis, Kiev has exhausted its own military resources and the means to…

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