Archangel Gabriel; Don’t Live In Past, Nor In Denial

Now is an ideal time for you to examine how you might be limiting yourself with your beliefs. Many of your beliefs are based on past experiences that were unpleasant so you think the best way to proceed is to avoid that experience completely, rather than being open to having a better, more satisfying experience.

Let us give you an example. Let us suppose you have had several relationships that were unsatisfying and ultimately failed. You feel that relationships are a lot of work and make your life worse so you decide you would rather be alone. We agree, it is better to be alone than to stay in something that doesn’t honor you. But to deny yourself the experience of having a relationship that is a true match to you and supports and uplifts you in every way would be a great disservice to yourself.

Do you see? Don’t limit your future by painting it with the brush of the past. You are an ever-evolving being. Allow the future to unfold to express itself as a match to who you are today. You just might be amazed at what is waiting for you to discover! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley

Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 8, 2023 – Trinity Esoterics