Why Hersh’s Nord Stream bombshell may become legal nightmare for team Biden & its Nordic allies

Meanwhile, Germany emerged as the big loser in this story, according to Mahncke.

“Germany should be extremely upset with the US but won’t say anything because Germany is effectively a vassal state which, like all western countries, is completely dependent on US security guarantees,” the US investigative journalist said. “The reality is that the US is running the show among western countries. US contributions to Ukraine exceed those of other countries by a factor of 20 or more. So if the US decides to blow up the pipeline, everyone else will toe the line, irrespective of what their own views are.”

Not only Germany’s industrial base was thrown under the bus, the US establishment did everything to undermine Russo-German relations, according to Imelda Ibanez, specialist in the history of Russian diplomacy and foreign policy of the Saint Petersburg State University.

“In general terms, the [Nord Stream sabotage] was a terrorist attack against the alliance between Germany and Russia, which was formed many years ago, and which in geopolitical terms [the United States] wanted to prevent, because the potential that would be generated by both sides would have lessen the United States,” Ibanez argued citing the dichotomy of “maritime” and “continental” powers described by British geostrategist Halford Mackinder in early 20th century.

The attempt to shatter the Russo-German partnership also involves dark symbolism pertaining to Berlin’s decision to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine 82 years after Nazi Germany’s Panthers and Tigers brought death and destruction to the USSR. Washington is believed to have twisted Berlin’s arm into sending the armored vehicles to Kiev.

Newstarget Why Hersh’s Nord Stream bombshell may become legal nightmare for team Biden & its Nordic allies

In other words, NATO US and NATO Norway attacked NATO Germany, (blowing up their pipeline that cost Germany many Billions) to force it to buy much higher priced oil products from them instead of from Russia, and then blamed Russia for blowing up the pipeline, and for making the US put in place anti Russia sanctions.