Scott Ritter: Russian Goals And Objectives In Ukraine – YouTube

There is a saying FAFO. Fuck around and find out.

Most people believe that Russia is weak, has run out of weapons, tanks, planes and soldiers, so it is ‘losing’ the war in Ukraine, based on pro war propaganda aired on all ‘Western’ mass media which is promoted by NATO.

According to the mass media and billionaires like Murdoch, NATO must wage a never ending war to the last Ukrainian with Russia, by increasing the NATO military budget of all NATO members by 400 percent and by continuing the war until Russia is expelled from all of Crimea and territories that Russia has folded into Russia via referendums held.

NATO justifies war with Russia by ‘sanctioning’ Russia, cutting it off from trade with the EU and the rest of the world.

Who is the Europe’s and much of the world’s largest energy, food and resource trading partner? Russia

NATO US and NATO Norway committed an act of war against NATO Germany, by blowing up their cheap energy supply pipeline called Nord Stream I and II, according to Seymour Hersch. Germany replied to this act of war by saying; “May I have another please?”

Does all of this sound like a ‘win’ for NATO countries?