Archangel Gabriel; Surrendering To The Flow

Are you afraid of surrendering into the flow because you think you’ll have no control?

This is a very common fear. Let me reassure you that you always have control. First off, your free will is always honoured above all else. You can surrender and take it back as many times as you like. You just won’t make as much progress as quickly as is possible if you do it that way. You make true progress by committing to surrendering into the flow and staying there with your faith and trust. Likely what you are not understanding is that the flow has a steering wheel. You direct your flow by your feedback to the universe through your focus and your gratitude. It is always taken into account and respected. So don’t be afraid to experiment with it. Try surrendering and staying there for a while and you will see how much smoother your surrender days are than your non-surrender days are. The longer you can stay in it the more progress you make and the better it gets. You can do a grand surrender or many mini acts of surrender to get comfortable with it. But over time you’ll start to trust the process and see that it is actually much better feeling than your resistance could ever be.

Daily Message ~ Monday February 27, 2023 – Trinity Esoterics