China’s Military Transfer To Putin Amid War Spooks West; NATO Escalation In Ukraine May Drive Russia/China Together Militarily – YouTube

Growing evidence of China mulling lethal military aid to Russia has spooked the West. Even since Russian tanks rolled over into Ukraine, China has offered Putin diplomatic support. But had restricted itself from overt military involvement or sending lethal arms. According to reports, the Biden administration is now considering releasing intel showing how China is weighing option to supply weapons to support Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Chinese premier Xi Jinping is also expected to visit Russia in March-April.

The Ukraine conflict now looks to be escalating to the next level with a confrontation between Russia and China on one side and Ukraine and US-led Nato military alliance on the other.

Senior Research Fellow at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow joins Hindustan Times’ Aditi Prasad for details.

China’s military transfer to Putin amid war spooks West I Russia Expert Speaks – YouTube