COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Psychosis – 13 Cases of Post-Vaccine Psychosis, Mania & Suicide Attempts That Will Shock You – Centre for Research on Globalization

Here are 13 cases that will give you a new perspective on what COVID-19 vaccines can do to the mental health of a person with no prior psychiatric history.

Case 2: 45 yo Asian-American married woman, has psychosis after Moderna

45 yo woman with no psychiatric history, presented to psychiatry after having psychosis for 3 months. (Alphonso et al.)

Her new-onset paranoia and auditory hallucinations began 1 month after receiving her second Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. She abruptly quit her job of 18 years and stopped eatinglosing 56 lb in 4 months.

The patient would only get dressed in the dark, believing people could see her in her closet or bathroom behind a closed door. She would pace all day and stopped doing the household chores she had done for years.

She would wake her husband in the middle of the night trying to convince him that the neighbors were going to hurt her and were breaking into their home. She became angry when he tried to convince her these things were not real. Due to this irrational fear, she would sleep only 2 to 3 hours per night and no longer slept in the bedroompreferring to lock herself in the bathroom to sleep.

She heard whispers of people talking about her and would carry on full conversations with them. She would only do this in a room alone with the door closed. Family would ask her who she was talking to, and she would become angry.

Case 3: 37 yo Japanese man has psychosis after Moderna

A 37 yo Japanese man with no psychiatric history had Moderna booster shot and complained of headache, a floating sensation and difficulty concentrating. (Kita et al)

He presented 4 days later with talkativeness, and grandiose delusions, saying that he had won 2 billion yen in horse racing. He also presented with emotional instability, such as crying, sleeplessness, excitement, hyperactivity and sexual deviance.

He was discharged. Nine days after Moderna booster he jumped from the 2nd floor of his house, and was brought back to hospital by ambulance. He exhibited flight of ideas, hyperactivity, distraction, hyperthymia and religious delusions, such as saying “my child is God”. He displayed lack of insight and became enraged when his actions were restricted.

He was diagnosed with acute mania with psychotic features and stayed 66 days in the hospital.

Case 6: 20 yo woman has psychosis & seizure after Pfizer

20 yo woman presented to ER with urinary frequency, anxiety, insomnia and a fixation that she suffered from irritable bowel and kidney disease 1 week after 1st dose of Pfizer (Flannery et al.)

She displayed waxing and waning hypochondriacal delusions that she had contracted COVID-19 and that “her body was shutting down.” The patient was also noted to have some motor dysfunction and a transient bout of aphasia.

She also had accusatory auditory hallucinations but denied suicidal or homicidal ideation. She was kept overnight. The following morning the patient removed her clothing and had a bowel movement on the floor. She was admitted and put on medication, but became increasingly psychotic, then had a grand mal seizure and was admitted to ICU.

She also exhibited symptoms of ongoing catatonia, answered questions in short sentences in a monotonous tone with low phonation. She could ambulate, but slowly and with a one-person assist mainly to aid with initiation of movement.

She was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis and spent 45 days in the hospital.

COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Psychosis – 13 Cases of Post-Vaccine Psychosis, Mania & Suicide Attempts That Will Shock You. – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization