The Unbearable Lightness, Humor And Laughter of Being a Nazi (2008) – YouTube

Happy Nazis (2008):

The secret photographs that reveal how Nazi exterminators spent their free time.

In January 2007 a photo album marked “Auschwitz: 21 June 1944” was made public. It revealed astonishing clues as to how the Nazi extermination team enjoyed a life that they ruthlessly denied their victims. “They look almost like normal people. They are devils”, says Auschwitz survivor, Regina Speigel. The photos were taken at the height of the holocaust and have helped researchers identify key Nazi killers. Dr Josef Mengele, aka the ‘Angel of Death’, is seen “smiling and laughing at this singalong during the most horrific period of murder in history. It’s astonishing.”

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Nazi (2008) – YouTube

Sociopaths and psychopaths have no empathy, no compassion. They can mass murder hundreds of thousands of people, while smiling, laughing and cracking jokes at the same time, as proven by these photographs. It is just another day at the office for these Nazi staff members.

It is fairly easy to use hatred and fear to program some people to commit genocide and/or mass murder anywhere in the world, at any time.

Mass murder and genocide is still happening today, in multiple countries, via various means that are more difficult to see than a death camp.

I think an important take-away from this is to know and remember that, before the atrocities started, these hundreds of thousands of people weren’t serial killers, they were good soldiers, store clerks, administration workers, clerks, etc…. people like the people around you today, every day of your life. These people didn’t just fly in one day when mass-murder and torture were suddenly deemed “normal” things to do to other people. They were always there. Here’s the thing you must realize: people like this are STILL there, around you, right now. By the thousands. All it would take is another slow normalization of the demonizing of a particular cross-section of your fellow citizens, and many of the people around you, that you think you know well, would step up into their roles as monsters, to repeat history once more. Starting to sound familiar yet?