Vaccines and legalizing stealing – by el gato malo – bad cattitude

moderna is being sued by two companies (arbutus and genevant) for violating/misappropriating their intellectual property (IP) and violating their patents on a set of lipid nano-particle tech to encapsulate mRNA and protect it when it’s administered to the bloodstream. this is a technology that is core to the basic function of the vaxx and without which it could not function. so it’s not some ancillary matter. this is “don’t have it, there’s no product” sort of stuff.

what’s interesting is the argument they are making. as town hall reports it’s not a denial of infringement, it’s something far more rapacious and dangerous:

Moderna’s response to Arbutus and Genevant has not focused on the companies’ claims, but sought to have the case dismissed entirely. Moderna says that, under a World War I-era law found in Section 1498 of U.S. Code, its vaccine development and production is shielded from patent claims because it was under contract to provide the vaccine to the federal government. Moderna maintains its COVID vaccine did not infringe on intellectual property, but said that “dispute is for later.”

legalizing stealing – by el gato malo – bad cattitude