FULL MOVIE: Battle for Sevastopol | HD | TRUE STORY – YouTube


When war breaks out in 1941, Lyudmila joins the army. She turns out to be a natural sniper, and her impressive skills make her stand out. When wounds force her from the battlefield, she travels to the United States to press for a second front.

(2) FULL MOVIE: Battle for Sevastopol | HD | TRUE STORY – YouTube

Back when the US and Soviets allied together and Soviets sacrificed 20-40 million people to beat Hitler and the fascist Nazis.

Mrs. Roosevelt made friends with a soviet female soldier and hosted a ‘Communist’ at the White House.. That was when most people hated “Commies” with a passion.

Now we are best friends and most favored trading partners with Communist China, but we hate Russia more now than then, even though it’s a Capitalist ‘democracy’ and no longer Communist. Why is that?