ICC Arrest Warrant for Vladimir Putin for “Kidnapping Ukrainian Children” Borders on Ridicule – Centre for Research on Globalization

Since 2014, residential neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, ambulances, etc. have been routinely targeted. From the 2014 Euromaidan and the US CIA sponsored Coup d’Etat to 2022), up to 14,000 Donbass residents have been killed. 

Bombing of schools: It’s terrorism instigated by Kiev against Ukrainian Children.

What is the truth? What is the lie?

Thousands of children were killed by the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion which is supported by the US and Canada.

Fleeing the war zone to save your children is tagged by the I.C.C. as “deportation”.

The people of Donbass have been under constant shelling for nearly a decade now and they don’t even duck when hearing incoming shells and rockets.

Children born in the besieged region don’t know what peace is. For them, shells hitting their homes is a “normal”, regular occurrence. They never got the chance to see anything else. (Drago Bosnic, June 1, 2022)

Starting in 2014, thousands of Donbass families including children were provided safe haven in Russia, as part of a humanitarian initiative under the auspices of  Moscow’s Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Russian families have welcomed them and provided assistance.

Many of children are orphans whose parents were killed by the Azov Battalion.

And this is categorized by the ICC and the media as the “kidnapping of children” by the President of the Russian Federation. What nonsense. 

Who are The War Criminals

The ICC has carefully turned a blind eye to the endless war crimes committed by US-NATO. Millions of civilians killed, not to mention Tony Blair and GWB’s illegal invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Twenty Years Ago. 

This process of coming to the rescue of Donbass civilians has been ongoing since the outset in 2014. Thousands of lives have been saved. 

It started in Rostov on the Don ( about 100 km from the border with Ukraine, see map below) which had established facilities starting in 2014 to assist the people of Donesk and Luhansk.

ICC Arrest Warrant for Vladimir Putin for “Kidnapping Ukrainian Children” Borders on Ridicule – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization