Russia/China Alliance Is A Defeat For NATO/US Empire Via Ukraine, Tanks/DU Escalation, Meat Grinder – YouTube

The US foreign policy used to be divide Russia and China and weaken them both individually. That strategy worked until the US empire took on Russia via NATO in Ukraine, in a proxy war, coup and installing a US friendly dictator named Zelensky.

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(2) Meat Grinder is taking place – YouTube

Mr. Scott Ritter, I send you my highest respect for your honest portrayal of the war in Ukraine. As a Pole, I do not agree with the policy pursued by the so-called Polish government. The Ukrainians murdered about 300,000 Poles in Volhynia in 1943-44 and never apologized or showed remorse. So-called Polish government, are a bunch of foreigners who act against the Polish nation …. I wish you health and prosperity.

Ivan Burdfield Outstanding as usual Scott – hats off to you Sir. Please read the breath taking book ‘Wild Swans’ by Yung Chang – it is the most incredibly educational book of the growing pains of China at a time of radical change formulating the shaping of modern China from its Empirical past. In this book you will read of a time when Russia and China were supporting each other against the KMT – that were supported by America, (1935). So – just to correct you Sir (with the greatest of respect) – China and Russia have fought together before against America 88 years ago. I would very much love to have a beer with you some time – God Bless You.

Z-Русская Америк
UK decided to deliver DU (depleted uranian) packed in tank shells, Russia in response might well send back to UK a HEU (Highly enriched urnium) packed in a ICBM ‘SARMAT’ or a nuclear torpedo “POSEIDON”