Michael Parenti | How NATO Destroys Nations, How US ‘Diplomacy’ Destroys Freedom and Democracy Via Dictatorial Ultimatums – YouTube


Most people know the saying; Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The US Empire is so powerful, and so totally corrupt, that it can demand and get whatever it wants, just by demanding it.

It used to be that diplomacy between nations involved some give and take, but no more of that, because why have diplomacy when the US can demand whatever it wants and get it, 100 percent, no matter what? If a nation refuses any US demand, including breaking up the nation, deposing the elected leader, giving all resources, gold and oil to to the US, that then requires either ‘sanctions’, or invasion/coup/assassination/IMF loans.

The Spanish American war was started by Hearst and his loyal politicians, by making up propaganda, atrocity stories and then extensive mass media (Hearst sponsored) coverage of a false flag attack. This attack on US interests, and the ‘atrocities’, then required US intervention, which meant WAR was justified.

In the made up Spanish American war, national bankers profited, munition makers profited, the mass media profited, transport companies profited, politicians profited, and the president gets re-elected, because he is doing ‘good work’ via a ‘winnable’ war.

This same basic pattern of making up lies about other countries, fomenting a war, imposing sanctions, and then ‘winning’ it at least in the press.

A person guilty of abuse batters their spouse to the point where that victim will not disagree or dissent from what the abuser demands, just like the US empire today when it demands all other nations obey, submit, and put in place US demanded ‘items’.

Michael Parenti | NATO DESTROYS NATIONS – YouTube