US Treasury Releases New EV Tax Credit Rules – CleanTechnica

Before we go any further, note that almost everything about the EV tax credit changes next January 1. As of that date, the tax credit will become more of a point-of-sale rebate that will be applied by the dealer to lower the price of a vehicle directly. But that is then and this is now. The new regulations are scheduled to take effect on April 18, which means customers have about 19 days to get the full credit, no questions asked, provided the car they are buying or leasing has its final place of assembly in North America and the sales price is $55,000 or less for sedans and wagons or $80,000 or less for SUVs and light trucks.

Further complicating the picture is the position Treasury has taken on leasing. There is a provision in the IRA that waives may of the requirements for the EV tax credit if the vehicle is part of a commercial transaction. So far, Treasury has taken the position that all leases are commercial transactions because leasing companies are commercial enterprises by their very nature. As a result, a customer may be able to lease an electric car and get the advantage of the full EV tax credit even though if the same vehicle was purchased outright, it might not be eligible for any part of the credit.

US Treasury Releases New EV Tax Credit Rules – CleanTechnica