The Deliberate Gulf Of Tonkin Lies/Propaganda That Led US To War In Vietnam | White House Tapes | Real History – YouTube

America’s involvement in the Vietnam War dramatically intensified in 1964 after the Tonkin Gulf incident, an incident in which the blame falls squarely on the Johnson administration.

What would follow would be a series of misinformation and outright lies from the government to mislead the American public into supporting a war that would become increasingly harder to justify.

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(1) The Lies That Led America To War In Vietnam | White House Tapes | Real History – YouTube

The US via CIA secret teams in 4 PT boats attacked 2 different radar stations with about 1,000 shells in North Vietnam before any hostilities had occurred in or around Vietnam. (This is an act of war via a false flag attack). These 4 PT boats also did not fly the US flag, so that they could not easily be identified nor reported for war crimes, making it a state sponsored terrorist act, by definition, which is a war crime.

These 4 ships and their illegal attacks and violations of sovereign territory of a foreign nation were never reported by the US mass media, just like the mass media ignored and/or denied the CIA coup and take over of the government of Ukraine with an installed puppet government.

The next day, a much larger US Navy destroyer entered the Gulf of Tonkin, and headed for those same two islands in North Vietnam that the 4 US PT boats had just attacked the day before. This time, when the destroyer got closer to the islands, 3 high speed North Vietnamese PT boats responded by firing 3 different torpedoes at the US destroyer, which they assumed was attacking the islands, just like the 4 US PT boats had done the day before..

North Vietnam was blamed for an unprovoked attack on a US ship by the US mass media. These lies and war propaganda provoked and ‘justified’ the US invading Vietnam and secretly bombing the heck out of 2 or 3 other countries around Vietnam, which had nothing to do with any of this. These bombings of Laos and other countries was also a war crime, but no one ever got charged or brought to trial and the US was never sanctioned for these war crimes that ended up killing about 500K to 1 million people.

President Johnson then ordered another round of ‘commando’ CIA secret attacks on North Vietnam, such as blowing up bridges, etc., which again were more war crimes due to US state sponsored terrorism.

The first casualty of any war is the truth. There are no exceptions to this rule. Lies, deception, misinformation and propaganda is the ‘norm’ before and during any war.

Wars cannot be justified by telling the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Heather Medina My father Robert Aiello was on the Ticonderoga at this time. My Dad served 6 tours in Vietnam. It made a lasting impact in my life. During the Vietnam War, we lived in Yokosuka and Yokohama, Japan. I was a young girl. We lived on base, across from the helicopter landings. We would hear them landing all night, bringing in the war casualties. Yokosuka had a big navy hospital. So they would take them there. We would go to mass at the navy hospital. We would see them come in for communion. Some of them were in horrible shape, missing limbs…..I saw what Vietnam was through a child’s eyes. It was scary…..War changed my father. He was sad, quiet, and angry. I respected him for his love of country. Dad had a lot of health problems due to the war. Dad passed at 72….way too young. I honor all you Vietnam vets!!! There is never anything gained from war. Unfortunately our government is never honest. But I am a proud American!!!! We miss you Dad everyday!!