Ukraine will eventually reveal ‘horrible’ losses – ambassador

Antinuclear Apr 23

The true number of casualties will be acknowledged only once the conflict is over, Vadim Pristaiko has said.

Ukraine will reveal the extent of its“horrible”losses once its conflict with Russia is over, Vadim Pristaiko, Kiev’s ambassador to the UK, said in an interview released on Friday.

Asked by British tabloid the Daily Express to comment on casualties among Ukrainian military personnel and civilians, Pristaiko said“it has been our policy from the start not to discuss our losses.”

When the war is over, we will acknowledge this. I think it will be a horrible number,”he added.

Pristaiko dismissed any possibility of talks between Moscow and Kiev – at least until Russia withdraws its troops from the territories Ukraine claims as its own.“So, we have to fight to the very last of them or, very unfortunately, the last of us as well,”the…

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