Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb by Len Saputo, MD – YouTube

Wormwood is a Chinese herb that is thousands of years old that has applications for malaria and cancer treatment. It is safe, easy to use, affordable, and has great promise in the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells and bacteria accumulate iron far more than normal cells.

Artemisinin works in the presence of iron to create free radicals that kill cells that hoard iron. Leukemia cells concentrate iron 1000 times normal lymphocytes and breast cancer concentrates iron 15 times a normal breast cell.

There are three forms of wormwood extract: artemisinin, artsunate, and artemether. It can be given either orally or by rectal suppository and should be pulsed with several days on and several off if taken by mouth because of intestinal tolerance.

It is non-toxic and has been used on over 4000 patients without problems. Its major use is in treating falciparum malaria.

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(1) Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb by Len Saputo, MD – YouTube

Istvan Balazs
My mom had a 1 cm growth in her breast, and starting Essiac tea and sweet wormwood tincture, the tumor growth has disappeared in just over a week. Was it gone in hours or day or just from artemisia annua or just from essiac we do not know, but in just over a week the mammogram could not show anything.