Dr Saputo On Artemisinin: How to Use It Around Big C – YouTube


I have had nearly 500,000 views on the YouTube video on artemisinin over the past three years. Hundreds of people have contacted me asking for more information about where to get it and how to use it. This is the reason for making this video called Artemisinin Part 2: How to Use It. I’ve also provided considerable research from reliable sources to back up the statements I’ve made about this herb.

These references are listed at http://www.doctorsaputo.com/a/artemis…

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(Work with a qualified healthcare practitioner, Naturopath, doctor, and/or integrative oncologist)

(1) Artemisinin Part 2: How to Use It – YouTube

Truth Teller *Thank you for loving and sharing your wisdom with us…..You two are SO ADORABLE… #Artemisinin#SweetWormwood (Research is proving it cures and prevents Covid 19….Madagascar’s president STRONGLY advocating it. Their population is 28 million with NO CORONAVIRUS DEATHS 0%!!!)