Leaked Ukraine War Docs – What’s the Truth? Disinformation? Larry Johnson – YouTube


(4) Leaked Docs – What’s the Truth? – Larry Johnson – YouTube

What this alleged ‘leak’ does not cover is laying blame against the US in any way, shape or form.

It does not cover how the US CIA has been building, financing and arming Neo Nazi groups in Ukraine.

It does not cover how the US and EU did a coup in Ukraine and took over the government in 2014.

It does not cover how the US instigated a civil war in Ukraine, via the Neo Nazi groups that the CIA trained, organized and financed, in order to provoke Russia into attacking.

It does not cover how the US and EU lied about the Minsk agreements, and only went along with them in order to get Ukraine ready to fight and win a war with Russia, using NATO training, financing and weapons.

It does not cover how Zelensky has declared martial law in Ukraine, and that he is now a very brutal dictator, who is closing all other churches other than his own Bandera branded church, banning all opposing points of view, political groups, books, languages, etc.