Earth Is Moving Into The 5th Density Now – April 12, 2023

Rose Rambles...


Dear ones,

The good news is that as Earth moves into the fifth dimension, the darkness will fade.

A dark veil will be lifted from the eyes of your earthly brothers and sisters. They will be able to see the beauty of life, love, Light, joy, and peace.

EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS LOVE. LOVE IS EVERYTHING that exists on Earth. The Earth itself is a LOVE vibration, and each cell of your Earthly body is LOVE.

Know in your hearts, Dear Ones, that NOTHING on your earthly planet is evil. Nothing!

This is merely a cloak of darkness that has been cast on Earth for the past 8000 years. The Earth is now ready to shed this darkness. The Earth will lose its sense of hate, greed, anger, sadness, fear, and illness.

As you shed these dark emotions, these emotions will also lose their hold on you. The darkness…

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