The US HATES the Peace Breaking Out In The Middle East; China, Turkey, Syria, Iran And Saudi Arabia Becoming Friends/Allies – YouTube

The Middle East is realizing that the US empire is sinking. These former ‘enemies’ are recognizing that China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are the new ‘king’ makers, so it makes sense to align with these new superpowers.

The Petrodollar plus the chaos it created, is becoming a hated commodity, with many countries fleeing both the US empire tentacles and the chaos that the US empire created, on PURPOSE.

Why is the US able to illegally invade Syria, occupy a large part of it, and steal it’s resources, all in open sight? Why are other countries not sanctioning US for this war crime and illegal invasion, which is WORSE than what Russia is doing.

The US is sowing chaos and imposing sanctions on countries all around the world, because it serves US interests and US billionaires PROFIT. The world is recognizing this, and backing away from the US empire.

If PEACE breaks out in Ukraine, and/or the Middle East, it is to the DETRIMENT to the US… which may be why the US argues against peace anywhere in the world, where it sows chaos, war and division.

(5) 2023.04.03 The US HATES the Peace Breaking Out In The Middle East – YouTube