These Five Unvaccinated Children Are Healthy, Happy, Active, Social and Smart! – Unvaccinated Children

Elizabeth says, “We are active in our church community and try to teach our children our religious values. Our kids are all unvaccinated and are pretty similar in temperament: they are all social, active, healthy, and happy. They attend public school and are all doing well academically and behaviorally. We never have any concerns and they have learned to speak English and French fluently. They make friends easily and are happy to attend school.

Elizabeth reports that exercising and eating nutritious food play a large part in keeping her family healthy. She adds, “We eat a vegetarian diet and enjoy home-cooked meals regularly. Recently, we started growing fruits and vegetables in our garden. We all take probiotics and include supplements, such as vitamins and protein powder, in our diet. We limit our use of harsh cleaning products and search for balance in our diet and lifestyle. Our kids eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but they also like french fries!”

She says, “When we do get sick, we do our best to support our immune response through healthy foods, plenty of water, probiotics, vitamins and rest. We monitor signs and symptoms and make the decision to seek medical attention if necessary. At one point, we were exposed to pertussis through a friend. Two of our children developed a runny nose and a cough. We did everything we could to boost their immune systems to help them recover. Since we knew we were exposed and we knew it’s best to identify and treat pertussis as soon as possible to avoid adverse reactions, I immediately took my sons to the doctor to get tested for pertussis and the doctor refused to test, saying it was probably just a common cold and to come back if the symptoms worsened. He also recommended the vaccine and sent us home. Thankfully, our sons recovered very quickly, and their coughs had improved by the next day.”

These Five Unvaccinated Children Are Healthy, Happy, Active, Social and Smart! – Unvaccinated Children