Is America still Exceptional? Leaked Intelligence Report, Ukraine War Lies, 4th Estate – Phil Giraldi – YouTube

The leaked intelligence report exposes some of the MANY lies which the Ukraine war is based on.

US still occupies Germany, and US blew up Nord Stream pipeline.. Because Germany is a vassal state owned, occupied and controlled by the US empire, it cannot complain when the US destroys the entire country economically. Germany has been the US ‘poodle’ ever since WWII ended.

Biden bragged he would blow up the pipeline, and then did it. (But now he is blaming Zelensky/Ukraine for that act of war and war crime)

The US has not won a war since WWII. Even WWII was won by the Russians, who sacrificed 40 million people.

Russia is supposed to be ‘weakened’ by this war, but they are doing pretty well despite sanctions. Both are selling oil to anyone who wants it. The sanctions are supposed to hurt Putin, but sanctions only hurt the poor people globally, including in the US.

The CIA has historically recruited journalists and still does, globally.

Seymour Hersh has three sources for Zelensky embezzling funds that the US has sent over to Ukraine, via bank wire to the Ukraine Central Bank.

Ukraine is buying ‘cheap’ oil sourced from Russia and then charging the US expensive US prices for that oil, while pocketing the difference. The Russians are effectively selling oil to Ukraine… even if another nation is involved.

This type of thievery by Zelensky has been going on for a long time, and everyone knows about this.

Zelensky has been praised as a new ‘George Washington’, but this is all a gigantic fraud.

If this were a comic magazine, and this was a story in it, no one would believe it.

(5) Is America still Exceptional? (Ukraine War) – Phil Giraldi – YouTube

Thrace_ Evros
Here in Greece Mr. G. Adalis (Economist in large financial companies) had said a month ago that the fuel is transported from Russia to the Bulgarian refineries and then to Ukraine. They think we are idiots over there in the European Union for sanctions on Russia (and no profit for the Bulgarian refineries)