Lithium Prices Crashing as Lithium Free Batteries Emerge

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I posted the other day on falling Lithium prices. Here’s more on the reason why.


A year and a half ago, China’s CATL put on a flashy event to make an announcement significant enough that Zeng Yuqun, the founder and chairman of the world’s biggest battery maker, served as emcee.

Zeng,who had justpassed upAlibaba’sJack Main theBloomberg Billionaires Index, revealed that CATL was working onbattery packs that would use lithium-ionandsodium-ion cells. While sodium is more abundant and offers potential safety benefits over lithium, the latter is dominantin EV batteries. Lithium-ion chemistriesoffer superior energy density, enabling drivers to travel furtherbetween charges.

While CATL laid out steps it was taking toward commercialization, the massive supplier to automakers including Tesla, Geely and BMW has been beaten to the punch — at least to the prototype stage. Last month, Chinese automaker JAC unveiled a test version of its Sehol E10X electric car…

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