Scuba Diving to the Depths of Transformation | Sunny’s Journal

Those doing the work, the true depth diving, have endured not only the rip currents of this soul sapping environment and it’s routines of survival, but have also scuba dived into the abysses of their own traumas, wounds, and dark nights of the soul, often times too many to even count.

They have captured back the steering wheel from the matrix. They can see it for what it is, and although they move through it to survive, they are not asleep within it anymore. They pierce in and out, at will.

It is a silent journey, one that is unheralded in the media, avoided by the majority, required by those whose souls have penetrated through the din of the matrix and communicated with the consciousness living within the human vehicle.

Scuba Diving to the Depths of Transformation | Sunny’s Journal