Vaccine-induced psychosis


I don’t know what you see every day on the roads. It amazes me how many walls are knocked down, sign posts demolished, and even lampposts bent. It was rare to see things like that before CVD. Not far away, two lorries speeding in the early hours of the morning on both lanes of the road killed a young man, leaving him stranded (A5, near Nesscliffe). It seems as if the traffic has sped up or maybe I’m just getting slower. However, what about all the street furniture knocked down, almost daily, is there a cause? This article by Dr. Mercola seems to suggest that there is. It fits very well with what I am seeing. Reading the cases below, the common factor is that they have their perception changed by the you-know-what. I have seen personality changes in friends – from optimistic and carefree to stressed and anxious. It’s…

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