Why Is Europe in the Pits? “Its Economic Suicide” – Counter Information

Europe is sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine in the form of weapons or so-called “budget support”. As a parenthesis, in the meantime we know where some of this budget support ends up – in the pockets of Mr. Zelenskyy and his cronies, as has been revealed by many mainstream media in the past few days. Zelenskyy and his buddies have embezzled at least US$ 400 million. Probably much more.

This is EU and US taxpayers money that could be spent at home, to create jobs, support social programs as the EU economy – and to a lesser degree also the US economy is falling into an abyss.

And this for a war which the west instigated – this must be clearly said and understood. President Putin has drawn a red line for many years, warning NATO not to move to Russia’s doorsteps, and Ukraine was the redline.

Just imagine, Russia would build military bases in Mexico or Central America. No need to talk about the consequences.

Why Is Europe in the Pits? “Its Economic Suicide” – Counter Information