Douglas Macgregor – Putin Calls Up 500,000 Additional Reservists, With Goal Of 1 Million Total Troops By June 2023, Bakhmut Encircled – YouTube

Douglas Macgregor – Putin Calls up More 500,000 Reservists

Russia holds 90 percent of the city, with all roads into the area now under fire control of Russian artillery..

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Douglas Macgregor – Putin Calls up More 500.000 Reservists – YouTube

Remember that Russians sacrificed up to 40 million people to win against Hitler and Nazi regime. They initially lost a lot of territory and people all the way up to Moscow, but ultimately won, for many reasons. Russia has been attacked historically many times, but always prevailed in the end.

Russia was also an ally to the US twice, one in early 1900, and again in WWII.. Now we are all supposed to intensely hate anything Russian and despise all Russians? Really?