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Zinc is essential for a healthy body. So, it’s important to be aware of these zinc deficiency symptoms. Learn more. 7 Unexpected Amazing Benefits of Zinc That You’ve Rarely Heard About:

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0:00 Introduction: Signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency

0:10 What is zinc?

0:25 Well-known signs of zinc deficiency

1:27 Lesser-known zinc deficiency symptoms

5:00 What causes zinc deficiency?

5:53 Zinc deficiency test

6:30 Learn more about the benefits of zinc!

Today I want to cover some lesser-known symptoms of zinc deficiency. Zinc is an important trace mineral. You don’t need a lot of zinc, but if you’re missing it, you could experience a lot of health concerns. Commonly known symptoms of zinc deficiency:

• Loss of smell

• Dwarfism

• Susceptibility to infection

• Hair loss or thinning hair

• Diarrhea

• Dermatitis

• Mental irritability or fatigue

Lesser-known symptoms of zinc deficiency:

1. Lack of taste (bland, metallic, or bitter-tasting food)

2. Inability to detect flavors

3. Hypogonadism

4. Impaired hippocampus (memory problems, inability to learn, and problems with spatial location)

5. Infected nail beds, weak nails, white spots or white lines on the nails

6. Delayed healing

7. Night blindness

The top cause of zinc deficiency is a diet high in refined carbohydrates.

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The 7 Zinc Deficiency Symptoms You Never Heard About – YouTube