EU Efforts to Reduce Russian Ruble to Rubble Have Made a Baerbock-ean 360 Degrees Twist, by Natasha Wright


The EU (and the U.S., too) have a set of sanctions called the Boomerang sanctions. From Natasha Wright at

The Collective West on their steep downward civilization trend are doing their best to get their nanny state-addicted, complacent populations slowly used to the new age of a dysfunctional society.

EU (and the USA) have repeatedly tried bulldozing anti-Russia sanctions in the past year but all the attempts at reducing the Russian ruble to rubble have made a Baerbockean 360 degrees twist and turn with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping not even raising an eyebrow.

Those who run the EU either overtly or behind the diplomatic curtains seem to have had one more indecent intention to score yet another more or less meaningless, financially political point, just like all the others they have made to date, in that they will adopt their tenth jubilee set of anti-Russian sanctions…

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