mRNA Vaccine Contamination 100’s of times Worse than thought: Copies itself and expresses Spike Protein !

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Jabs “Up to 35%” DNA That Turns Human Cells into Long-Term Spike Protein Factories

from thefreeonline on 19th March 2023 by WILL JONES at THE DAILY SCEPTIC 3

The contamination of mRNA vaccines with DNA is far greater than initially thought at up to 35%, and the DNA’s role in inducing human cells to produce the spike protein long term has been confirmed, according to the latest research.

Earlier this month, theDaily Scepticreportedon the work of Dr. Kevin McKernan and his team who had subjected the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna to deep sequencing analysis and found alarming levels of DNA contaminants known as plasmids.

These are small circular DNA molecules that in principle can self-replicate in bacterial and human cells and induce the cell to produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein long term. Each vaccine dose was found to contain billions of these plasmids.

Dr. Jessica…

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