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 In America there are people, lots of them, who don´t have enough to eat, or barely do. Appalachia, the Rust Belt, the rural Deep South. I wonder whether Biden has enough to eat. I wonder whether he cares that many of his citizens do not. No, come to think of it, I don’t wonder. But he cares, cares deeply, about Ukraine. 

Recently my stepdaughter Natalia, Mexican, went to Austin to visit friends. She returned and pronounced America a truly odd country. All the houses were the same, so how could you find your way home at night? And there were lots of people, she said, living under bridges and on the sidewalks. This she thought strange. She had never seen such a thing in Mexico. In twenty years, neither have I. 

Biden has just signed an $886 billion military bill. Add the VA, black programs of god-knows what size, and DOE, and you get well over a trillion. Most Americans, I read over and over, live maxed out on credit cards, don’t have five hundred dollars for an emergency. Biden, a draft-dodger during Vietnam and now a warrior President, probably is not maxed out on Visa. He probably has five hundred dollars, as his people do not. But he is not ignoring them. He is buying them aircraft carriers at thirteen billion per, and sending their money to Ukraine. Which do you need more, affordable dental care or an aircraft carrier? 

And now the banks collapse because of, well, backbreaking military giveaways to Lockheed-Martin, backbreaking national debt, backbreaking trade deficits, and unending wars. Now Ukraine demands fighter planes. 

To Hell with Ukraine – Fred on Everything

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