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The reality is that you or your child may not be allergic to any specific food, but can still be sensitive to certain foods and I know from firsthand experience how some food choices can really wreak havoc on the body and trigger very severe eczema flare ups. As a personal example, my son initially tested negative for most food allergies, yet when we eliminated certain key foods from his diet – many from the list below – his skin improved by 95%!

Now, keep in mind that with eczema, nothing is ever easy, so if you determine certain foods do trigger your eczema but your skin is still inflamed, it’s likely food isn’t the only trigger. But, identifying and eliminating the foods from your diet that cause your skin to flare will certainly provide you with welcome relief.

The best way to determine if foods are triggering your eczema is by eliminating each of the most common eczema food triggers for one month to see how your skin reacts. Then add each food back into your diet one at a time. Keep a diary and watch for reactions, knowing they can occur up to four days later!

Top 8 Eczema Food Triggers

thehealthyhomeeconomist Eczema and Diet: The Top 8 Food Triggers – The Healthy Home Economist