Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump: The Left-Right Punch to Corporatist Fascism

The Most Revolutionary Act

Global Research

Corporatism, with its offspring Fascism and Nazism, is supported by totalitarians of the left and the right and its libertarian opponents also spring from the left and the right. On “the left” both “communists” and “welfare socialists” oppose corporatism and on “the right” democratic enterprise capitalists and small businesses fight corporatism.

The almost total irrelevance of the notions of “left” and “right” I set out in my 1988 book The Emancipated Society, advocating in place of the “horizontal” left right paradigm the “vertical” authoritarian-libertarian axis.

We now have in the USA two Presidential candidates who cut across the corrupted party system which – in all so called “democratic” western countries – have combined in a corporatist conspiracy against their peoples, giving them a vote but no choice.

The US Presidential system gives the people a better chance of voting for a complete philosophical change…

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