Hard cash returns to Sweden, another EPIC FAIL for the cashless societies idea, lol.


More and more people in Sweden are going cashless. Almost everything can be paid for with a bank card, with no minimum purchase. But the experiment to eradicate cash has failed. There is distrust of digital money and the control it brings, as well as fear of cyber-attacks. There is nothing better than keeping money in one’s own pocket. It is the end of the “digital everything” touted from Brussels.

In Sweden the decline of cash was so rapid that the proportion of cash payments in stores fell from 40 percent in 2010 to 15 percent in 2016. In cities you have to take a long walk to find an ATM. Stores that refuse cash multiplied.

In churches, the collection was replaced by Swish, a kind of Bizum that links the phone number to the bank account. Instead of reaching out on the street, beggars wear their Swish number on…

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